Safari Landscape Gift Bag


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With our planet in chaos, this gorgeous safari themed gift bag reminds us of what we need to keep protecting. A bag depicting our rain forests, it features elephants, giraffes, lemurs, tropical birds, the amazing Orangutan plus a whole host more.

This animal jungle themed gift bag has rope handles and gift tag.

25cm x 20cm x 10cm

Orangutans are ticklish

Did you know they are ticklish? Not the itchy kind, but the type that brings on the giggles? Well, considering that they are one of our closest relatives among animals, it’s a quirky but not surprising fact! They’re also the smartest animals in the world.

Similar to gorillas, orangutans are the most gentle-natured animals among the ape species due to their social structure. They will often be seen sitting for hours simply gazing amongst the forest or at each other. Males can be aggressive, but orangutan attacks on humans are virtually unheard of.

  • Model: GB209